CTK (changed block tracking) snapshot cleanup & removal process

Resolution for Snapshot Consolidation
To resolve this issue, the CBT files need to be moved out of the working folder of the affected virtual machine(s).
To move the CBT files and consolidate snapshots:
  1. Connect to the ESXi host that the virtual machine is running on using SSH. For more information, see Using ESXi Shell in ESXi 5.x and 6.0 (2004746).
  2. Navigate to the virtual machine folder using this command:cd /vmfs/volumes/datastore/virtual_machine/
  3. List the contents of the directory using the ls command and look for .ctk files.
  4. Create a temporary directory for the CBT files.For example:mkdir temp
  5. Move the CBT files to this directory with this command:mv *-ctk.vmdk temp/
  6. ls -ltr
  7. cd ../..
  8. Run the snapshot again.
  9. Then run the snapshot consolidation.
  10. Then delete the snapshots.

Contributor: Azael Colon Jr.


How to increase timeout values on an IWSVA (ICAP) appliance

Timeout Value Resolution / Adjustments
To avoid the update failure notification, increase the time interval between retries:
1.Open /usr/iwss/lib/aucfg.ini.
2.Look for the [Downloader] section and add the line “retry_delay”.
This “retry_delay” is the time in milliseconds before another connection retries the update. The default value is 0, and setting it longer than five (5) minutes will avoid the issue.
It should appear like this:
3.Save and close the file.
You can also set the update frequency to be longer than 15 minutes. This will decrease the possibility that the issue will occur.
Contributor: Azael Colon Jr.